zondag 28 december 2014

Leaden in color, yet crisply set before us

Aart van der Neer maakte fantastisch mooie winterlandschappen.
Deze is te koop bij Sotheby's New York, en de catalogusschrijvers hebben ook van de beschrijving een kunstwerkje van gemaakt: " [...] it is Van der Neer’s treatment of light, both ambient and reflected, that is most extraordinary and what lifts him far above his contemporaries.  Although the sky is blue and pink, lit by the setting sun, a range of cumulus clouds boiling on the horizon, these colors are barely reflected by the icy surface of the river. It is leaden in color, touched with shades of yellow and green, and chills us  to look at. The details of the foreground are set crisply before us, but in the distance a mist seems to rise from the ice, blurring the windmill and the buildings around it, and finally disappearing into the cloud bank. It is a cold day and although the people skate and walk about, there is a certain restraint and inwardness about them as if in response to the frigid surroundings."